Why Choose Us?

Wisconsin Tongue Tie Center puts your health as the priority so you can lead a happier, more confident life.

Full-Suite of Well-Being Services

Our team includes tongue tie specialists, lactation counselor, and myofunctional therapists, all under one roof.

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Our specialists provide comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans using advanced diagnostic tools and treatment techniques to address tongue-tie in patients of all ages.

Our priority is patient comfort so we use innovative approaches such as frenectomy, laser therapy, and latest technology to improve your health and provide relief.

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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy targets oral and facial muscles affected by tongue-tie. It can alleviate symptoms such as speech difficulties, swallowing problems, and dental issues, and may aid in recovery after release procedures. It can also prevent surgery and improve overall quality of life for patients.

Our therapists provide ongoing support to help you or your child maintain good oral and overall health.

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Lactation Services

We understand that motherhood is a special time but is not always straightforward. Our Lactation Consultants offer specialized services including personalized consultations, evaluations, and assistance with breastfeeding techniques.

Our goal is to provide mothers with the resources and support you need for the health and well-being of you and your family.

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Tongue-Tie Relief in 3 Easy Steps

Whether a child or an adult, you can benefit from our safe and comfortable laser surgery solution.

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    Valued Relationships

    Our Fort Atkinson dentists and tongue-tie specialists place huge value on getting to know your needs and goals. Although we are here to provide relief, we don’t stop there. We make your experience comfortable and simple so you can get back to your everyday life.

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    Full Support

    Using modern technology does allow for faster and more accurate treatment but our main emphasis is providing the right solution for you. We’ll always listen to your concerns, involve you in the treatment, and take time to explain everything before identifying the right solution. We are your specialists, guide, and friends.

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    Ongoing Care

    At Wisconsin Tongue–Tie Center, we are committed to providing aftercare and support to all of mothers and patients. Your caring team is here to answer any questions and be a shoulder to lean on when you need us.

Hear from Parents & Patients

Learn about our patient's experience at Wisconsin Tongue Tie Center.

I work in another dental office myself. But had found this practice when researching offices that specialize in lip and tongue ties. Both my 2-year-old and 6-week-old needed a lip tie release. I was thoroughly impressed, starting with the first phone call, to the consultation, then the procedure, and then the post-op visit. Dr. Bender was extremely kind and courteous to my very frightened toddler. Their bedside manner, professionalism, willingness to answer any questions, and explanation of financial benefits were fantastic

Heather B.

Community-Driven Care

As part of the Fort Atkinson community, you deserve access to the services you need for a healthier family.

Being part of such a wonderful community in Fort Atkinson, WI is so important to us. We love helping each other and those around us to be healthier so we all can enjoy every day.

Our entire team gets involved in community organizations such as:

  • Fort Atkinson Community Foundation
  • Fort Atkinson High School athletic boosters and farming organizations
  • Fort Atkinson Science Fair Board
  • Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce

Our mission is “Healthier You, Better Community.” Let’s work together to make our area better for our families and children.

Dr. Bender, one of our Central Wisconsin dentists holding a baby

Guiding your family to a healthier life.

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