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Lactation Assistance & Tongue-Tie Treatment in Wisconsin, WI

Your Tongue Tie & Lactation Specialists

With in-office Lactation Consultants and Myofunctional Therapists, you can enjoy a full suite of support and long-term relief from tongue-tie issues. We use modern, proven techniques to help boost your family’s oral and overall health.

Our specialists take time to get to know you and really listen to your concerns and goals. Only then do we implement a plan to help you or your child get the essential care you need!

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Comprehensive Tongue Tie Solutions

Find relief from understanding your symptoms and expert care.

Our Fort Atkinson tongue-tie specialists use modern laser technology to help children and adults get a release from tongue-tie issues. We’re not your typical quick snip practice, but we take time to understand you, your comfort level, and needs.

Discover how our Solea Laser offers lasting relief so you or your child can focus on enjoying life.

Lactation Services

Helping you overcome frustration and helping your baby to feed better.

Our caring team offers invaluable support to new mothers, providing guidance and resources that can help improve breastfeeding success rates and promote maternal and infant health.

Get the support you need as a new mom and know that we’re by your side to help your baby’s development and health.

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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Offering behavior modification techniques to promote proper tongue position and improved breathing, chewing, and swallowing.

As orofacial myofunctional therapy experts, we help correct orofacial muscle imbalances, improve breathing, swallowing, and speech patterns.

By employing customized exercises and techniques, our team can enhance facial aesthetics, optimize oral posture, and reduce symptoms of sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, and orthodontic issues, ultimately improving your overall health and quality of life.

Tongue-Tie Relief in 3 Easy Steps

Whether a child or an adult, you can benefit from our safe and comfortable laser surgery solution.

Recognize Your Symptoms

Both children and adults can show symptoms of tongue-tie that can have long-term effects.

Schedule a Consult

Find out if tongue-tie treatment is right for you or your child at The Wisconsin Tongue Tie Center.

Solea CO2 Laser Treatment

Tongue-tie surgery is now performed using a precise dental laser that helps with healing and accurate treatment.

Hear from Parents & Patients

Learn about our patient's experience at Wisconsin Tongue Tie Center.

They took unbelievable care of our sweet girl and provided great explanation and education for us as parents. Having lactation support included in their care is something we were really looking for, and it was so helpful. We are truly so grateful for them and highly recommend them for any little ones with tongue or lip ties!

Mackenzie S.

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    We are proud to be part of a comprehensive group of practices that offer a full-suite of services to families in Fort Atkinson, WI. Visit our dental practice website to learn more.

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    Patient Conveniences

    Our focus is to do right by you, and that starts from the moment you contact our friendly team. We make it simple for you to get the care you need by offering:

  • Various payment options
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    Areas Served

    We welcome patients from all over the U.S. but primarily serve the communities of:

  • Fort Atkinson, WI
  • Jefferson, WI
  • Hebron, WI
  • Jefferson County, WI
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    If you are a general dentist who would like to refer a patient to our office, then please contact us at 920-563-7323 or fill out the Patient Referral Information form.

Guiding your family to a healthier life.

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